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  • Search and filter over two million verified passive & active candidates on a platform they can actually be reached
  • Use DocMails, proprietary HIPAA compliant messages, to recruit and realize an industry leading 24% click through rate
  • Harness the power of Doximity’s data with our Smart Job Posts, which are delivered to the right candidates at the right time

What a Talent Finder Partnership Looks Like

Cost Effective Recruiting at Scale

Doximity Linking to Hospitals

Proven success across industries & 20 of 20 top hospitals partner with Doximity

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8x Higher Click through Rate*

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84% of physicians on Doximity are open to new opportunities

* than industry average

Increase Hires, Lower Costs

96% of clients would recommend Doximity Talent Finder to a colleague

Telemedicine Success

Although Doximity Talent Finder is not unique in offering the ability to post jobs, we have found it is unique in the quality of candidates that apply to our jobs,” remarks Ian. “We have found success in reaching physicians on a tool they use on a daily basis - it's not just a job board.

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Jackson Physician Search
Recruiting Firm Success

In order to remain on the front line of innovative recruitment while having access to a platform physicians use on a daily basis, Jackson Physician Search knew that Talent Finder would be the perfect complement to their existing recruitment tools.

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Banner Health
Health System Success

Karen Height has been the Sourcing Director for Banner Health for nine years now, but strangely her background isn’t in recruiting. In fact, she has a degree in Journalism and has worked in media management and advertising for years.

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